Will you be able to Make Any Chord just by Reading the Chord Name?
In ONE DAY, Can You Really Learn and Understand Hundreds of Chords?

I, Michael Ellis, am currently teaching in the Dallas area and have forty years of music instruction experience. I had the great fortune of being apprentice to one of the great teachers of our time, Mr. Terrill Gardner. Terrill taught me HOW to teach. Many musicians wish to "share" their knowledge, but have no training in the art of teaching. As you know, there are public institutions that teach the same information on subjects that colleges do, but in a much shorter amount of time. This is true and common in all industries. If you go to the industry trainers, they can dramatically reduce the amount of information and the steps required to learn the desired goal.

After four years of tweaking and cutting, massaging and revising, I have been able to teach Complete Chord Theory to my students in six half-hour lessons. Of course they don't remember everything they hear, since I speak a great portion of it, but I write down the essentials on just a few sheets of paper and they walk out with the understanding of how to make EVERY chord title they see. By ordering Chordmaster Chord Theory for Keyboard, you get not only what they get on paper, but all that I say as well. You can re-read it any time you like. In addition, you can email me, personally, with any questions or comments, any time. Just send me a note at comments@knowchords.com

  • No previous music experience is needed.
  • No note reading required.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Personal help through email.
  • I've NEVER been asked to refund money
        by a single customer!

    CHORDMASTER starts by discussing notes in detail, introducing you to "natural" note names, "sharps" and "flats", and HOW to find and remember where they are. You can also click a link to view all the notes at any time. That's right, ALL the notes, and no staff lines. You don't have to be able to read notes on a staff line to understand what notes are and where they are.

    CHORDMASTER shows you HOW you can figure out the notes in ANY major scale in seconds, and you will have a link to a popup window that will show you the notes in EVERY major scale. Then, CHORDMASTER shows how understanding chords can be EASY. 


    The program uses scale note numbers to explain major chords and HOW minor chords and seventh chords are made from major chords. Next, you are introduced to other chords such as suspended, augmented, and flat 5.  You'll learn to create chords, rather than memorizing them one at a time. You will be able to make 216 different chords, using only five rules.  You will understand how to build them instead of memorizing them.  By adding just two more simple rules you can understand and make 648 chords!

    Then, you'll see that making any seventh, major seventh, or sixth chord is  as easy as adding one note. And you will be able to locate that note quickly and easily. CHORDMASTER method will allow you to be able to BUILD even the most COMPLEX CHORDS, by yourself.

    If you could never imagine making a chord like Gm13-5,  CHORDMASTER is for YOU!   Gm13-5 is an example of a combination chord.  For combination chords, you just count to 13 in odd numbers and you'll be able to make literally THOUSANDS of CHORDS.

    CHORDMASTER also covers CHORD INVERSIONS and WHY almost ALL keyboard players use them. See how you can make a single chord produce different sounds and how inversions can make chord changes easier.

    The Comprehensive Review Page

    The CHORDMASTER Review Page is a MUST for ALL keyboard players. The SINGLE PAGE REVIEW displays the few rules that tell you how to make literally THOUSANDS of chords and does it all on  ONE PAGE.  This page allows INSTANT look-up of  HOW to understand and make the CHORD YOU WANT, ANY CHORD!